Artay Lighting, Our purpose is creating magnificent illumination. Outdoor, indoor solutions.

Street lights
indoor lighting
Outdoor Lighting


Tailor-made Outdoor Lighting

Successful Tailor-made outdoor lighting is possible not with full illumination of the entire space, but with the integrity of illuminated small-scale spaces.

LED lighting continues to develop rapidly as the future of the lighting world.
LED technology-based outdoor lighting systems are for those who want to make a difference, create eye-catching environments and add a fascinating atmosphere to the spaces where they are used offers numerous alternatives and advantages.

Street Lighting


Increasing security on the roads

We provide with our Led Street Light luminaires lighting criteria from which the optimum solution can be achieve.

Our main goal is to ensure that streets, highways, avenues and roads can be used comfortably at night by creating the safe and comfortable visibility expected from street and road lighting.

With our Led Street Lighting fixtures, we offer the ever-increasing technology with the lighting
criteria to reach the optimum solution.

Our efficient and performance Led Street lighting fixtures are the sustainable way to create stunning cityscapes.

If creating a charming city view is your main goal, ARTAY Lighting always offers solutions with high technology and personalized attractive designs.

Urban Lighting


Adding value of the Cityscape

Main purpose of Urban Lighting, creating a warm urban space, atmosphere, social interaction environment is to create spaces that can strengthen social sharing.

Each Urban Lighting projects needs unique illumination. We offer as ARTAY Lighting company different Led Lighting Solutions every single Urban Lighting area such as ; Avenues, pathway, parking lots, public gardens, public parks, historical and architectural places or monuments.

Ensure more safety and visibility for vehicles and pedestrians in your city. Pole mounted outdoor luminaries allows best clarified of view.

Also maximum light efficiency guarantees decreased energy consumption.

Urban Lighting luminaires with modern post originate convenient lighting conditions strictly

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